Managed IT Service Provider

Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices in the workplace are here to stay. From smartphones to tablets, this convenient technology brings added freedom and benefits to employees, but also creates a high security risk for business. More often than not, a tool like mobile device management (MDM) is utilized to protect confidential data.

The goal of our MDM solution is only to secure and protect the sensitive company information stored on employee-owned and corporate mobile devices as well as maintain the overall integrity of the company’s IT sytsem by putting the necessary policies and configurations in place to prevent or eliminate security breaches. Your employees have nothing to fear when installing MDM software on their mobile devices and are welcome to contact us if they would like any additional information.

Why Do You Need MDM?

MDM can protect your company's most valuable assets. Employees have access to important business data on phones and devices through email or network connections.  MDM maintains a level of security for these devices in the event they're lost or stolen.